About us

Joy-Toy toy cars combine the past with the future!

Joy-Toy constitutes the first Greek toy company that, from the mid-50s to the mid-90s, managed to charm literally every Greek family with its famous cars! Its world quickly became much loved and the children admired its toys due to the premium quality and the way they were packed in fancy cartons, containing the highway code road signs and traffic signals, traffic lights, gas stations and vehicles. Today, Joy-Toy remains one of the few toy manufacturers that conflates a vintage character and the vibrancy and durability of modern materials which provide education through new technologies.

The uniqueness and timelessness of the road safety education toys is evident in the demand of children. Their laughter is the engine of the cars, their joy inspires the warm and vibrant colors of the package and their paintings the designs. Our goal is the entertainment of our young and old friends and the provision of educational stimulation that contributes to the formation of beautiful and strong personalities.




New Joy-Toy era

Joy-Toy toys contribute both to the child’s road safety education and to the development of its abilities. More specifically, our educational board games ensure the learning of the Highway Code and the enhancement of the child’s expression and vocabulary while practicing at the same time the visual perception and motor skills of the child. Our games contain distinct and classified concepts, facilitating memorization as well as QR Codes of road signs and traffic signals that help to familiarize with education through new technologies.

However, the educational project of our company is not limited only to practical knowledge, but it also extends to the development of the mental world of the child. It is only in more recent years, that the value of “emotional intelligence”, namely the value of the “smiling face” has been recognized and considering the fact that it affects a person’s emotional maturity, Joy-Toy creates its games in order to create an ambiance of joy and smooth coexistence.



Play & Education

Finally, the goal of the new generation games is to introduce us to the magical world of programming and robotics. Joy-Toy continues to dynamically set plans for the future and is committed to the development of completely safe, creative and educational children’s products, so that its games constitute a choice not only for the child but also for the parents who want the best for their child.